DICE LA Is Working On A Battlefield Game

It’s official, we now know just what DICE LA is working on. Turns out that this studio, which got its formation back in 2013, is working on Battlefield. This news comes from Justin Wiebe, the senior design director for DICE LA. We already knew that another studio from DICE was working on the next big Battlefield video game. So we’re uncertain just what this particular Battlefield game is set to be from DICE LA. Regardless, it’s at least some confirmation on the studio’s current works. 

As mentioned, we know that there is a new Battlefield video game coming out this year. Battlefield in general isn’t like Call of Duty where we get an annual release into the marketplace. This means that there are quite a few interested players eager to try out this next thrilling installment. Unfortunately, we don’t know anything about this game outside that the studio working on the title is ahead of schedule.

Prior technical tests have shown large battles so that could be an indicator that we’re going to see some massive levels full of combat throughout the fields. However, we’re not sure if this is a period piece, a modern war title, or even something aimed to be more futuristic. With that said, one of the industry insiders who has been offering some of his insights to the game has suggested that there would be plenty of destructible buildings and objects which would react realistically. 

Regardless of this, we at least know that DICE LA is working on the franchise as well. It’s going to most likely be a waiting game to see if this title stems from the next mainline installment or if we’re looking at something like a new Battlefield Bad Company. Again, only time will tell, but for now, we’ll have to keep tabs on DICE LA. You can be sure we’ll have the latest details posted about the upcoming video game title right here on Gameranx.

Source: MP1ST