Battlefield 6 Development Is Ahead Of Schedule

The Battlefield franchise has been around for years and it’s an IP that competes with the likes of the Call of Duty franchise. However, unlike Call of Duty, we don’t receive yearly installments to Battlefield, but we should get a new release for the series this year. Nothing is known right now about this next installment, other than the development team is pushing to get this game out for this year’s holiday season. 

However, with that said, past technical tests from DICE have shown the team working on large battles so we could potentially see a game release that has a focus around large online team battles. Unfortunately, it’s a waiting game to see where this title is taking place in and the game modes being offered. With that said there is some good news to all of this. 

Recently EA had an investors call which touched on the topic of Battlefield 6. While we didn’t get any insight as to what the game will be about outside of another military-focused setting, we do know that the developers over at DICE are ahead of schedule. That means that the studio shouldn’t have any problems from hitting its targeted launched window of this holiday season.

As for when we can expect to see this game get revealed, EA is preparing for an announcement to happen in spring. For now, it looks like all we know is that this game will be making use of the latest generation platforms hardware to deliver a visually impressive military shooter with massive battles. Of course, we’re also interested in seeing if Battlefield will make a push for a free to play video game adaptation for its multiplayer component after Call of Duty: Warzone proved to be a hit. 

Source: VGC