Apex Legends Hits The Nintendo Switch Platform On March 9th

Apex Legends is a massively popular battle royale video game title. Respawn Entertainment kept this game a secret which generated a ton of hype when it was released into the market. As a result gamers quickly downloaded this title and it gathered millions of players within its initial launch week. Again, the game is a battle royale title so ultimately this first-person shooter will have players striving to be the last man standing.

Players will find that the title will focus on teams of three and that the characters featured are hero classed based which offers their unique attributes and abilities. These are the same folks behind the Titanfall franchise and as a result, Apex Legends takes place approximately thirty years after the events of Titanfall 2. If you never really tried a battle royale title then honestly we save to give this title a try. It’s currently the biggest hit right now and as a result, you’ll find that there is a massive community actively playing the game. Best of all, if you have a few friends then you can easily start a squad together for online matches.

With that said, the game can only be enjoyed on platforms outside of the Nintendo Switch. It was unveiled early on that the Nintendo Switch would receive the video game title but outside of that announcement, things have been rather silent from Respawn Entertainment That was until now where we got the announcement of Apex Legends hitting the Nintendo Switch platform on March 9, 2021. This means that we have just over a month before we’re able to dive into the game for the Nintendo console hybrid.

This title in particular was able to hit the Nintendo Switch thanks to the porting help of development studio Panic Button. You can expect everything to be here on the video game when it does release such as cross-platform support and the seasonal content. Not to mention that if you play the Nintendo Switch platform for the first two weeks after launch players will receive double XP. 

Source: EA