GoldenEye 007 Canceled Remaster Leaks Online


It looks like that the files for this canceled remastered has leaked online making it playable for those on the PC platform. There’s even an option to switch the visuals on the fly which means you can enjoy the game either as how it looked on the Nintendo 64 or enjoy the updated HD visuals. While this game didn’t get off the ground and into the marketplace, a leaked ROM will do for plenty of players online.

Original Story…

Back on the Nintendo 64, we received a monster of an FPS video game. Thanks to the developers of Rare, we received GoldenEye 007, a video game that was based on the GoldenEye film. Players not only had a game that could mimic the narrative journey for the iconic James Bond film, but they had an excellent multiplayer component as well. Now, years later, we’re left without a proper remake or remaster to enjoy on modern platforms.

The GoldenEye 007 video game continues to have a big fan base. This was an iconic FPS multiplayer game back in the day which had fans flocking to the markets just to purchase a Nintendo 64. However, it’s been several years since that game came out and we never received a remake. Instead, there were other iconic 007 video games released. With that said, it looked like there was at one point a remastered edition in the works for the Xbox Live Arcade several years ago. Unfortunately, the remastered edition was never revealed and we’re not sure just why it was killed off, to begin with.

Now a new video upload online showcases the leak in a two-hour-long gameplay session. We get to look at the title running 60 FPS with an upgrade to the visuals. There’s a mixture of campaign levels and multiplayer matches to enjoy, but again, we’re uncertain just why this project was scrapped or if there are any plans to bring this remaster back out for the likes of the Xbox Game Pass. For now, it looks like there’s nothing specifically in the works for the GoldenEye 007 video game.

With that said, there is another 007 James Bond video game in the works. We know that IO Interactive is making a James Bond video game which development has likely really taken off now that their latest release is out in the marketplace, Hitman 3. Outside of knowing that the developers are making the video game, all we know right now is that it’s based on a unique storyline along with the protagonist James Bond being original and not based on a previous actor from the blockbuster film franchise. 

Source: Comicbook, YouTube

Source Update: VGC