EA Still Excited Over BioWare’s Roadmap 

BioWare is a massive video game development studio that put out several iconic RPG titles into the marketplace. Over the years we’ve seen some great games released such as Baldur’s Gate, Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic, Dragon Age, and Mass Effect to name just a few. However, their past few installments didn’t hit the strides that the developers or its parent company, EA, were likely hoping for.

The past two video game releases from BioWare include Mass Effect: Andromeda and Anthem. Both games were not looked upon in the best light, especially Anthem which was set to be this next big game as a service title. Anthem was put back into heavy development with BioWare aiming to relaunch the game with overhauls. 

This had some fans wondering just what this could mean for the studio. EA recently had an investors call which the topic of BioWare came up and EA’s CEO Andrew Wilson revealed that the company is eager to see what the developers bring out to the market from BioWare. While there were some road bumps for the studio in the past, we know that BioWare is working on Anthem once again along with some other notable titles. Some of these road bumps were what EA viewed as the developers digging further into innovation.

EA referred to BioWare’s roadmap which is quite filled with heavy hitters. We have Mass Effect: Legendary Edition, Dragon Age 4, Anthem’s relaunch, along with a brand new installment to the Mass Effect franchise which we don’t know much about yet. Still, This looks to be a great collection of titles coming out with most having an established fan base. 

Perhaps BioWare can turn things around for the studio with these upcoming video game releases. For now, only time will tell, but we can expect Mass Effect: Legendary Edition to hit the marketplace on May 14, 2021. This will likely be a massive release for BioWare with so many veterans itching to replay the trilogy again along with newcomers who haven’t yet experienced the game series.

Source: Gamerant