Upcoming James Bond Video Game Will Star Original Bond Actor

It wasn’t long ago that we got news of a brand new James Bone 007 video game was in the works. This came from an announcement by game development studio IO Interactive and since then it’s been a waiting game for more information to come out. It might be a bit before we start really seeing content regarding their next upcoming project, but today we are finding out that we won’t be put into the role of any previous James Bond actor.

The James Bond franchise has been running for decades and several legendary actors had taken on the role for a barrage of films. We’ve even seen some of these video game adaptations give out the resemblance of various James Bond actors, but that won’t be the case for the upcoming IO Interactive game. We know that this upcoming title will be a unique storyline and with it, players can expect a unique James Bond actor taking on the role of the beloved international spy. 

Again, not much is known about the upcoming Project 007 from IO Interactive, but during a conversation with the Danish Broadcasting Corporation, IO Interactive’s director, Hakan Abrak, spoke about how this game will be an original storyline with a brand new model for James Bond. Likewise, there was also the mention that we could see a trilogy come out for the James Bond storyline as well, but we’ll have to wait before we’ll get any official details on that front.

In other news for IO Interactive, the studio has just put out their latest installment to the Hitman trilogy, Hitman 3. The game can be picked up right now for the PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S platforms. In fact, you can check out our Before You Buy episode coverage right down below.

Source: IGN