IO Interactive Is Developing A James Bond Game

IO Interactive is wrapping up the Hitman trilogy and it wouldn’t be surprising for fans to hear that the development studio already had a project lined to bring out after Hitman 3. In fact, it was yesterday that the development studio teased that a new project was being developed and that fans would receive an update as to what that game will be today. Now we know that this studio is working on the James Bond 007 IP.

The James Bond video games were pretty popular years ago. It wasn’t out of the ordinary to see this IP get picked up and developed for a variety of platforms over the years. With most titles hoping to capture the success and charm that 007 GoldenEye brought on the Nintendo 64, both James Bond fans and FPS enthusiasts were quick to purchase these games as they launched. However, it wasn’t long ago that we saw the IP take a hiatus in terms of video game content.

It’s been a good little while since we’ve seen James Bond make an appearance within the video game medium officially, but now it looks like we’re gearing towards a new installment. We only know a tiny bit of information so far but it looks like IO Interactive is working on Project 007 which will tell the origin story of James Bond reaching his 00 status. It’s also apparently a brand new storyline so it would appear that nothing from the novels or films will be used to craft this video game narrative.

Unfortunately, that’s all we know right now as there’s no insight as to who the actors will be to portray some of these characters or exactly when the game will be taking place. 

Source: IGN