Halo Infinite Updates Will Be Coming Monthly

The Halo franchise is a huge success and we’ve seen an installment make an appearance on each Xbox console release. There were expectations of Halo Infinite launching alongside the Xbox Series X/S. This is a game that had been teasing fans for years as we’ve waited for a new trailer release that offered some gameplay footage. It took a bit of time but during the summer of 2020, we finally got that gameplay footage trailer released which highlighted several minutes of the campaign. 

Unfortunately, the developers and Microsoft were not expecting a barrage of backlash comments from the fans after the trailer showcase. It was clear that there were graphical issues and the fans were disappointed in the game in which would have been a title made for the next-generation Xbox Series X/S console platforms. 

As a result, 343 Industries delayed Halo Infinite from the intended launch of 2020 to 2021. This was done to ensure the development team has enough time to make the necessary changes that will appeal to the fan’s expectations. As for the synopsis, the game follows Master Chief on another Halo ring. With humanity at a disadvantage, Master Chief is forced into fighting against a split off Covenant alien alliance called The Banished. 

Now we’re left waiting on new gameplay footage, trailers, and updates to see how the game is coming along. This information comes from 343 Industries Community Director Brian Jarrard who responded to a Reddit thread talking about the lack of communication over Halo Infinite. It was during this post that Brian Jarrard alerted readers that they are working to bring out monthly updates with new information coming out this week. 

“This month we’re talking with members of the sandbox team to share some insights into their vision for Halo Infinite and the work they’re doing. To manage expectations, this won’t have world premier big screenshots or huge things like a date announce, but our goal is to offer our community more context and insights into our team and the game we’re making while we’re all awaiting the larger beats and full marketing machine later this year.”

So far we know that this week we’ll get information from the sandbox team where they will give insight into their vision of Halo Infinite and what they are working on. From there, we can expect more updates every month as 343 Industries presses forward to their launch later this fall. 

Source: Comicbook, Reddit