Tales From The Borderlands Will Be Relisted Online This Month

Borderlands is such an iconic shoot and loot video game series. We’ve only had three mainline installments but there are spin-off games as well. One of those spin-off titles as Tales from the Borderlands, a game that was developed by Telltale Games, a studio that had since gone under, only for it to be revived again. However, those games that Telltale Games launched into the marketplace, was soon pulled down giving players no option to purchase and enjoy this title if they haven’t already owned a copy beforehand.

Not every game is like this but a good handful of titles from Telltale Games was removed. It’s unfortunate as some fan-favorite releases were taken down. For instance, you saw the takedown for Telltale Games Game of Thrones along with Tales from the Borderlands. While we don’t have any news regarding Game of Thrones, it does look like Tales from the Borderlands is making a grand comeback. This news came from the official Borderlands Twitter account that not only alerts fans that it’s making a comeback on February 17, 2021 but also gives newcomers a heads up that the title is set between the events of Borderlands 2 and Borderlands 3

It looks like this relisting will be available on all the original marketplaces that Tales from the Borderlands was previously released on. This is not the first big revival since Telltale Games was reestablished. We know that the studio is bringing out a sequel to The Wolf Among Us, another iconic installment from the Telltale Game studios back in their original heyday. 

We’re still of course waiting for any new video game titles to release from Telltale Games since it was founded again back in 2018. The studio was known for releasing episodic adventure games and that’s likely going to stay the same. However, the big change this time around appears that while future games would be episodic, it looks like game episodes would all be completed before the first episode hits the store

Source: Twitter