Bella Ramsey Rumored To Portray Ellie In HBO’s The Last Of Us

We’ve seen quite a few productions for both live-action films along television series get picked up recently while being sourced from video game titles. Similar to how the comic book trend happens within films and movies we might see something happen for the video game industry. We’re still waiting for several of these productions to come out, but it looks like one of the more anticipated television series has some cast members leaked out online.

Naughty Dog is an iconic video game development studio that works under Sony. One of the video game IPs that was crafted upon the PlayStation 3 was The Last of Us. This is a mature and dramatic storyline that follows a gruff man named Joel having to haul a teenage girl named Ellie across the country. To make matters worse, the entire world was hit with a health pandemic turning most humanity into mindless zombie-like creatures.

This IP was such a massive hit that fans were ecstatic to find out that HBO was adapting the series. Little information was known about this game other than that the show would follow the events of this first video game installment. Since then we’ve seen several lists and picks on social media for who would make a great Joel along with Ellie, the two leading characters of this franchise. 

It was just recently that we posted news of Joel’s cast member being taken by actor Pedro Pascal. Now this news comes from The Hollywood Reporter, in which Ellie is going to be portrayed by Bella Ramsey. If you’re not familiar with her name, you would have seen Bella in the hit television series, Game of Thrones as noblewoman Lyanna Mormont. Of course, this is just a rumor for now so we’ll have to wait for the official announcement. 

Source: THR