Pedro Pascal Has Been Given The Role For Joel In The Last Of Us HBO Series

There is no shortage of video games being adapted into films and television series. We’re seeing quite a boom lately with video games being used as source material for new media entertainment mediums. One of those video game adaptations comes from legendary development studio Naughty Dog. The studio is under the control of Sony and has put out quite a few iconic video game titles into the marketplace. 

Most recently, Naughty Dog put out The Last of Us Part 2, a new storyline that follows several years after the events of The Last of Us. This first video game title was released back on the PlayStation 3 but was soon given a remastered edition for the PlayStation 4. After winning countless awards, it’s not surprising to see that this IP is getting a proper adaptation for the premium television network, HBO. While we know that the adaptation is set to follow the events of the first video game, we’re uncertain just what changes, if any, are made to the narrative journey.

With that said, since this production was announced, there has been a nonstop series of fans releasing their ideal picks for casting this show. Recently, a new rumor has started to circulate online that we may have our Joel. One of the more important and leading characters of the video game followed a middle-aged Caucasian man who helps deliver Ellie across the country. 

There have been quite a few picks that players have suggested online of who would make a great Joel, however, all those picks were actors that resembled the iconic character. Earlier rumors suggested HBO may have found their Joel in Mahershala Ali, an Oscar award-winning African American actor. As a result, most didn’t consider him a fit for Joel based purely on appearance. However, it’s since been revealed that Pedro Pascal, who is now the leading actor in the hit Disney Plus series, The Mandalorian, will be taking the role of Joel.

Source: Deadline