Fallout: The Frontier Finally Releases Online [UPDATE]


It looks like the mod has been taken down with no indication on if or when this mod will return. According to the statement given on the Nexus Mods website, it appears that a developer apart of the team has uploaded some rather explicit images online. After being discovered, the developer was removed from the team and the mod taken down from the internet while the group charts out what’s next for the game.

Original Story…

The Fallout franchise is quite the cherished IP and over the year’s we’ve received mainline installments along with spin-offs. One of those spin-offs was developed by Obsidian Entertainment called Fallout: New Vegas. It was a praised entry to the series and one that fans look back fondly on, however, the game launched over a decade ago. Fortunately, thanks to mods and an active community, this title is still actively enjoyed today.

There may be another reason players will be jumping back into Fallout: New Vegas this year and that’s the launch of a pretty ambitious fan mod. The mod is called Fallout New Vegas: The Frontier. It’s essentially a brand new Fallout video game created by fans while using the Fallout: New Vegas installment as its foundation. In the game, players will be taken to the cold snowy streets of Portland Oregon as factions battle against each other for the territory’s resources. 

In this game, players will not only have a new area to explore but new items such as weapons and armor. There are even some new VFX and audio effects to give players a bit more unique content that wasn’t previously showcased in the Fallout franchise. More importantly, there’s a new storyline to enjoy filled with quests. According to the description for this game on Steam, we can go through three main quests lines each that will take over 15 hours of gameplay to get through alongside side quests. 

This mod is only available on the PC and at the moment it’s only on Nexus Mod. However, it does look like we can expect Fallout New Vegas: The Frontier to also make its way on the Steam marketplace for free. After seven years of development, we’re sure the team behind the project are eager to see this game mod release and for fans to try the title out. 

Source: Steam, YouTube

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