The Medium Prompts Players To Review The Game After Credits

Bloober Team has made a name for themselves when it comes to psychological horror games. In the past, the developers brought out the likes of Layers of Fear, Observer, Blair Witch, and their latest game to hit the marketplace, The Medium. Players can dive into this game right now, but when you do go through the title, you’ll find that Bloober Team asks of just one thing when you complete the campaign and that’s for a review.

Normally, when you talk about reviews, it’s through different publications and media outlets, much like our own Before You Buy series. However, everyone has their own opinion on a video game, and reviews can be left for others to read on various digital marketplaces. When players go through The Medium and finish the game’s credits, you’ll get presented a message that details how the developers spent a ton of work and time on this game and would love to see your response.

This would then prompt players to leave an optional review. That’s not a bad idea as you can either inform more players about how the game was when you went through it. From the good to the bad, more players reviewing games played could help give other consumers more insight on whether the game is worth the purchase or not. It might be a bit before we start seeing more reviews pop up on this game from consumers since this title just launched.

With that said, you can pick up a copy of The Medium right now for the PC and the Xbox Series X/S platforms. Currently, there is no word on if we’ll see this game hit the PlayStation 5 platform. Still, if you’re interested in the game and would like our opinions on it, then check out our Before You Buy episode coverage down below.

Source: DualShockers