Microsoft CEO Confirms Streaming Won’t Overtake Their Console Or PC Platforms

When it comes to the video game industry, we started to see a new trend take off. In this generation of consoles we may see more focus on streaming gaming content with the likes of PlayStation Now, Google Stadia, and more importantly, Microsoft’s xCloud. However, don’t expect the xCloud to take Microsoft’s gaming division over completely. In fact, in a recent investor’s call Microsoft’s CEO, Satya Nadella, went on to confirm that Microsoft will still find the console and PC division just as important.

The xCloud service is Microsoft’s attempt to get streaming into players’ displays. However, as it stands right now the service is only available on mobile platforms. That hasn’t stopped talks in the past from Microsoft’s Xbox head, Phil Spencer, hyping up the potential future for xCloud. We could see Xbox become a means to enjoy games on anything from smart TVs, tablets, phones, Chromebooks, and computers. All that would be required is a stable internet connection and from there you would gain access to a large catalog of video games for the Xbox Game Pass service.

However, it doesn’t mean that we’re going to see Microsoft drop the Xbox and PC platforms. Instead, the CEO of Microsoft made note that xCloud is in its early stages but this streaming capability would allow players to dabble into gaming without being limited to any traditional endpoints. Still, the focus is getting gaming in front of everyone and that would also mean keeping up with both console gamers along PC players. 

As mentioned, this cloud streaming service from Microsoft is still in its early stages but this could become a behemoth of a service that would allow Xbox to become an even bigger name. Likewise, there’s potential for Microsoft to grow in terms of players subscribing to the Xbox subscription services. It would be interesting to see just how this console generation shapes up for Microsoft and its competitors, such as Sony.

Source: Gamespot