Dead Island 2 Is Still Being Developed

Dead Island was a new IP that came out in 2014 by developers Techland. It was an action RPG that followed players as they attempted to escape an island after an infection quickly turned the inhabitants into mindless zombies. Overall, the game was a hit as fans thoroughly enjoyed the exploration and melee-focused combat. The ending even left for a cliffhanger which had fans eager to dive into this game franchise once again.

It wasn’t long after that we got the reveal of Dead Island 2, a cinematic trailer showed that the infection has reached the rest of the world. With the game slated to come out in 2015, the title would end up getting delayed. That’s really been this games life story so far as it’s been delayed multiple times, eventually slapped with a to be determined release date, and swapped around by several development studios.

Techland would go on to develop Dying Light while Deep Silver would attempt to get Dead Island 2 off the ground from a development studio. In fact, this game has gone through so many transitions at this point that a 2015 build was leaked earlier this year. We’re not sure just when this game will come out, but Deep Silver still plans that the title will debut at some point.

Recently, a fan reached out on Twitter asking for an update when another Twitter user told them to give up hope. That’s when Deep Silver stepped in and said that they wouldn’t so so sure about that. From there, it’s the usual comments suggesting that news is not ready to be made public yet, but at the very least it looks like Deep Silver is keeping this IP going.

Source: Twitter