Sea of Thieves Will Soon Have A Battle Pass

Sea of Thieves is a new IP from Rare that came out in 2017. This action-adventure video game tosses players into the age of piracy where players gather together and set sail for plunder and loot. It’s a tough battle being a pirate as you’ll have to face against other crews online and some supernatural hostile enemies. Now we’re finding out that this game is about to get even bigger as Rare introduced new seasons and a Battle Pass.

It looks like 2021 will kick Sea of Thieves into high gear here as we’re going to be receiving the first season. Much like other video game titles that are based on online connectivity, seasons will introduce content based around a theme or an event. We’re going to see them last for a few months before the next season arrives. Overall, this means that there will be plenty of new adventures and goods for players to dabble into while sailing the high seas.

We’ve also been alerted of new events that will take place, but all of this won’t kick off until January of next year. This first season will be about the Merchant Alliance trading company where players will have to find clues and piece information together in hopes of uncovering a lost shipwreck. From there, you’ll be able to secure the wreck and all its goods.

We’re also finding out that there is a new progression system being attached which should help give players a sense of leveling up as they play through the various seasons and events. As mentioned, there’s even a Battle Pass being included which will offer some rewards and discounts to various items. Currently, Sea of Thieves is available for the PC, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S platforms.

Source: YouTube