Bugsnax: How To Solve “The Sunny Side” Puzzle | Quest Solution Guide


Bugsnax is absolutely a puzzle game, but you won’t reach a traditional “puzzle” until much later in the game. For most of the story, you’re causally exploring the island and figuring out different ways to capture the delicious critters called Bugsnax. Each food-themed animal has a different method for capturing them, and the fun of the game is figuring out how to outwit them.

Things change when you reach the Frosted Peak. The top of the mountain is packed with difficult Bugsnax — and after encountering a certain character, you’ll have to solve a strange puzzle. By interacting with different statues, you’ll have to figure out which statues need what corresponding Bugsnax. To make your life easier, we’re going to supply the answers you need. Check below and learn what Bugsnax you need for “The Sunny Side” quest, and how to catch all six types.

The Sunny Side Quest Guide | All 6 Bugsnax Solutions

To solve the puzzle in this quest on Frosted Peak, you need to find 3 Bugsnax corresponding to 3 of the 6 statues. You only need to solve 3! So pick the Bugsnax you’re best at catching, and only feed those statues.

The statues are listed from left to right.

Statue #1: Flutterjam – Found on the high mountain of Frosted Peak. Hit him with peanut butter to knock him out of the sky.

Statue #2: Scoopy – Roams the Frosted Peak around the base of the mountain as the Scoopy Banoopie. Set a Buggy Ball on fire with one of the campfires and touch him, then run away until he explodes. Then you can catch the pieces! Lure the scoopy out of the snow with another burning Buggy Ball.

Statue #3: Chippie – A fast-moving cookie critter on the upper mountain cavern. Lay a Trip Shot to trip him up.

Statue #4: Stewdler – Roams around the main cavern at the base of the mountain. Try luring him to the water outside with a Buggy Ball covered in Hot Sauce. Use a Lunchpad to launch it into the water, then retrieve the ice block with the Snakgrabber.

Statue #5: Mt Sodie – Located in the water. Very simple to catch — just lay a trap on the edge of the ice.

Statue #6: Chillynilly – This flying Bugsnax only appears at night. He’s flying and frozen! To catch him, set a Lunchpad down near a fire and target the Chillynilly with [Left-Trigger] then set your Buggy Ball on fire and launch it!

Feed 3 / 6 statues to complete the quest. If you’ve never fed any of these Bugsnax to a villager, it can be a little tricky to tell what you need. This way you’ll save yourself a whole lot of experimentation on the populace.