Two Senior Developers Leave Bend Studio

It looks like that there are two senior members from Bend Studio that has taken their leave from the development studio. Today we’re finding out that Jeff Ross and John Garvin is no longer with Sony and Bend Studio. This is not unusual, we see several developers leave studios all the time, but so far we don’t know just what the future holds for these two individuals. 

Bend Studio has been around since the early 1990s and they were responsible for the Syphon Filter franchise. However, their biggest hit since then has been their latest release well. Bend Studio’s last video game to release into the marketplace came in 2019 with Days Gone. The video game was a PlayStation 4 exclusive which acted like a zombie action-adventure game based around a former biker gang member in search of his missing wife. 

Currently, we don’t know just what the next video game project Bend Studio is working on but it won’t be featuring either Jeff Ross or John Garvin. So far we know Jeff Ross is leaving the studio this week which he announced through his Twitter account. According to Jeff Ross, he’s incredibly proud of his time with the studio but now he’s moving to Chicago to a new venture after the pandemic dies down a bit. 

Furthermore, John Garvin revealed that he had left the studio right after Days Gone shipped. His departure was done because of various reasons, but what’s important is that he’s enjoying his time off from game development. So far, we’re uncertain just if John Garvin will make a return to the game industry, but these two individuals really helped make some creative and incredible video game projects over the years.

Source: Twitter, Twisted Voxel