Silent Hill Creator Has Established His Own Studio

There are a few development studios that get crafted up by some legendary developers. One that instantly comes to mind is Hideo Kojima who left Konami to establish Kojima Productions. However, we also just covered Christofer Sundberg who crafted up Liquid Swords after taking a year break from the game development studio.

Now we’re finding out that Keiichiro Toyama has taken his leave from Sony Interactive Entertainment Japan Studio to make his own studio called Bokeh Game Studio. If you’re unfamiliar with the name then you’ll likely know this game developer from his previous works. At first, this director gains some notoriety with Silent Hill before moving on to Siren and eventually Gravity Rush. Now, Toyama and a few notable developers he’s come to work with over the years have established this new studio which apparently came into formation in August of this year.

Unfortunately, we don’t know what their debut video game is just yet. While Siren and Silent Hill were some massively popular survival horror video game titles, it looks like Toyama will be pushing into an action-adventure game that will come out to various platforms. This would make the studio a new key player for this latest generation of video game consoles as we’re sure that having the freedom to craft what they want will allow for some new creative titles from a legendary team of developers.

For now, we will have to wait and see just what the game will be about and for what platforms it will launch on. At any rate, it seems like those who were hoping for a return of Keiichiro Toyama for the Silent Hill rumored reboot is likely not in the cards anymore if that rumor is ever proved to be real.

Source: Gematsu