Just Cause Creator Has Opened Up A New AAA Game Studio

You’re likely familiar with Avalanche Studios which brought out the IP Just Cause. The video game franchise was a mega-hit and it brought action-packed gameplay with a thrilling storyline. What you might not have known is that the studio that crafted up Just Cause was sold for $114 million in 2018. Since then, the founder of Avalanche Studios and creator behind Just Cause, Christofer Sundberg, took a hiatus from game development. This year-long break has finally come to an end and it looks like the developer is back into the video game industry once again.

Announced through Facebook, Christofer Sundberg has revealed that he is opening up a new studio called Liquid Swords. Overall, in his post, the ideology of this studio is to bring back a creative and action-packed gameplay element for the video game industry once again. While it looks like the studio is hoping to bring out another hit much like how Just Cause was, there is some structure to the development studio rather than aimlessly developing video games.

“The ultimate goal of Liquid Swords is to bring back game development to where it should be: intensely creative and fun while at the same time bringing game development forward with a strong focus on building innovative action experiences rather than business plans and spreadsheets. That said, Liquid Swords is a business, not a playground for aimless ideas. Our swords are sharpened, our mission is set and we could not be more excited about what the future holds.”

Of course, some of the finer details won’t be unveiled quite yet. There’s only the announcement of Liquid Swords and we’re uncertain just how big this studio is but there are the intentions of bringing out likely some AAA video game hits. More information should be coming out in 2021. We’re supposedly set to receive information about the founding partners, studio locations, and the technology Liquid Swords intends to use within the early year of 2021.

Source: Facebook