Dead Island 2 Game Build Leaks Online

Do you recall Dead Island? It was a popular zombie game for last-generation consoles as players were stuck on a resort island with a flood of infected surrounding the area. There was a big emphasis on melee combat and a more lighthearted mature zombie game. Still, it was quite the hit and we knew that a sequel was in the works. Dead Island 2 was announced several years ago and it looked like it was a continuation of the storyline in which the infection had spread to America. However, the game has been suck in development hell.

It was years of being developed and passed around from different studios that most had lost hope on this game ever releasing. While it’s not officially a game build for Dead Island 2 has emerged online. This is just a build so you can’t expect the full game but it does offer some insight on the game direction developers were taking with this sequel. We’re finding a build that was from 2015 and it looks like the game was still very much using a variety of unique weapons and mods to give players a bit more power against the mindless zombies.

In a lot of ways, the game offers some Borderlands vibes but this build has since been cancelled and now it’s being developed by Dambuster so there’s likely some big changes made to the game in hopes that it can surpass the expectations already placed on the title. Then again, it would be interesting to see the fan reception over this cancelled build. 

We can’t offer a download to this game build, but you can find plenty of YouTube footage online showcasing the gameplay for Dead Island 2. What do you think of this new feel and tone for the IP? For now, we’re left wondering if there will ever be a Dead Island 2 release.

Source: PC Gamer