Original Halo Movie Script Had A Major Storyline Change

Video game movie adaptations have been around for several years. The incredible storylines and followings that some of these IPs have transcended into different media mediums. However, what some fans have taken notice of rather quickly is when something is altered to tell a new storyline rather than sticking with the source material. Oftentimes these changes are not all that wanted by the fan base and it leaves some feeling that the movie fell far from the reach that the original game material offered fans. 

Halo has been an iconic video game franchise for Microsoft. After being available for the original Xbox, this IP has received new mainline installments, spin-offs, comic books, to even some films. However, no movie was ever fully made that took the source material and adapted it to a wider audience. A few attempts had been attempted in the past but nothing ever came to fruition. Now new information has emerged about a script that Guillermo Del Toro had been working on for a good while before his movie attempt came to an end. 

During an IGN Devs React video, Paul Russel the environment artist of Halo: Combat Evolved had spoken about the movie script idea. Apparently, Guillermo Del Toro had made a major change in the storyline which featured Master Chief having a twin brother but rather than fighting alongside Master Chief, he would have sided with The Flood. Perhaps he gets controlled by The Flood because siding with the alien parasite race seems to be an odd choice.

At any rate, the brothers would have had to fight likely to death. This is certainly quite the unusual change to the source material so we’re not sure just how accurate this information is or if the fan base from Guillermo Del Toro would have sided with his decisions if they also happened to be Halo fans as well.

For now, Halo is being brought out in a television series format that doesn’t have a release date. Likewise, the next video game installment, Halo Infinite was delayed out of 2020 and pushed back into 2021. Fans are quick to say when they don’t like something so when Halo Infinite showcased visuals that were not up to par with expectations the development studio, 343 Industries, were forced into delaying the game.

Source: IGN