Halo Infinite’s Release Date Shifts to 2021 Placeholder to Ensure the Game Meets the Team’s Vision

The official Halo Twitter account announced that Halo Infinite has been delayed to 2021 to ensure the game meets the team’s vision.

Check out the breaking news down below:

This comes as shocking news, as Halo Infinite had a solid look at the recent Microsoft’s Xbox Game Showcase event, where the game looked a bit rough around the edges. Developers 343 Industries has revealed that the reason for the delay is due to the ongoing battle COVID-19, which had a big impact on the development team. In addition, the delay to the 2021 slot had a lot to do with ensuring the team with enough time to match the game’s original vision.

When Halo Infinite releases in 2021, the game will still launch with a free to play multiplayer portion. In addition, the game will also support 120 FPS on the Xbox Series X. While this news is hard to swallow, there is still a ton to be excited for when it makes it release in 2021. Like Shigeru Miyamoto once said, ” A delayed game is eventually good, a bad game is bad forever.”

At the time of writing, Halo Infinite will now release 2021 instead of its scheduled holiday 2020 release date.

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Source: Halo on Twitter