Rainbow Six Seige Introduces Sam Fisher Into the Game; Full Reveal Set for August 16th

Ubisoft has announced a new character for the player-based multiplayer title, Rainbow Six Siege. And that character is one of their most iconic heroes of all-time: Sam Fisher.

The announcement is a surprise for many of us, but the new teaser trailer showcases the iconic espionage agent Fisher. The full reveal of Fisher’s involvement in Rainbow Six Siege is set for August 16th. This is going to be one of the biggest characters to join the game, so you’ll definitely want to tune into the live stream next week.

Check out the Operation Shadow Legacy teaser trailer down below:

“Prepare. Execute. Vanish” Sam Fisher joins Team Rainbow! Watch the Operation Shadow Legacy full reveal during the NA-Mini Major Finals on twitch.tv/rainbow6 August 16.

There have been talks of Rainbow Six Siege going completely free to play, but at this point and time, there is no official word from Ubisoft. They have been giving out a ton of free trials for the game as of late, and it wouldn’t be the worst-case scenario for Ubisoft to let the game go free-to-play.

There are a ton of gamers that would jump into the epic shooter, but until then, we got to wait and see what Ubisoft decides. Either way, stick with gameranx as we will be bringing the latest gaming news. Learn more about Rainbow Six Siege right here!

Rainbow Six Siege is now available for the PS4, Xbox One, and PC. The full reveal for Sam Fisher is set for August 16th, so make sure to return to gameranx for the full details. Are you excited to see Fisher return? Let us know in the comments below!

source: YouTube