Could We Soon See Rainbow Six Siege Go Completely Free-To-Play?

There are several multiplayer FPS games out there in the market right now and while some fall out from having much of a following, others continue to thrive years after its release. One of those games that have managed to establish a strong following and keep players logging on daily is Rainbow Six Siege. This is a tactical FPS game that came out in 2015 and while there have been some rumors of a free-to-play version coming out, its still very much a premium title.

Ubisoft has made this a mainly multiplayer-focused game. There’s no real campaign though there are some missions you can enjoy solo if you wish to play them. Really, the main focus is team-based gameplay with there being several game modes that involve players going into close combat areas such as homes. It’s in these homes that players will fortify rooms, use special gadgetry to locate where enemies are along with gunplay resulting in environmental damage.

Even though this game has been out for several years now, there could be a few players who have yet to try the title out. Ubisoft is holding a free play this weekend for players to enjoy the game fully though afterward, you will have to purchase the game to continue enjoying it. Furthermore, there is some incentive to try the game out if your a player on The Division 2 as those that try the game out this weekend will unlock a premium gear set known as the Thermite Outfit.

Preloading is available right now which will ensure you the ability to jump into the game at the start of this weekend. For even more information on the game and free weekend option then you can check out the official post on Ubisoft right here

Perhaps this is just a test to see just how many newcomers are swayed over onto the game before deciding to make a completely free-to-play version available going forward. The game can be supported through various in-game purchases and season passes though at the moment it doesn’t appear that a plan is in place for a permanent change.

Source: Ubisoft