Mark Wahlberg Shows Off His Sully Look For Uncharted Movie

Video game movie adaptations are starting to really ramp up. We’ve got a few of them that fans are looking forward to watching. For instance, Sonic the Hedgehog has received a sequel announcement, Monster Hunter is inbound for Capcom, and Naughty Dog has their IP, Uncharted, being produced right now. However, we’re still a good ways away before we get any type of trailer or teaser. Instead, fans are getting their first glimpse into this movie adaptation through set photos and actors teasing fans online.

It’s tough to say anything official about these movies unless it comes from the production itself. However, it wasn’t long ago that Tom Holland, the actor who will be portraying Nathan Drake, uploaded a photo of the Nathan Drake costume. His look really appears to be a younger Nathan Drake and it had a ton of fans excited. What was missing was the photo showing just how Sully would appear which is being portrayed by Mark Wahlberg. 

In fact, it wasn’t long after that a set photo appeared online showing the duo being filmed for potentially some scene in the movie. Both were wearing tuxedos and while the characters have dressed up before in the games for different scenarios, they still looked like themselves. So when fans spotted Mark Wahlberg not sporting the iconic mustache that Sully was known for both as a younger man and an older gentleman, the internet blew up. Fans were baffled and appalled that Sully wouldn’t feature his thick mustache like the games.

Later on, Mark Wahlberg took to his Instagram account and showed a small video of him sporting a mustache saying “don’t ask” which could mean that we’ll see Sully in his official game getup after all.

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