Turn 10 May Also Be Working Fable Reboot

The Fable franchise has been an iconic one and fans have thoroughly enjoyed the iconic RPG series since was released into the market. Still, after three mainline installments, the IP has mainly been dormant, although fans have had a hunch that Microsoft wouldn’t keep this franchise on ice forever. In fact, with the next-generation platforms in the works, Microsoft looked to be fleshing up their line of exclusives over Sony and Fable may be one of the big RPG IP’s that Microsoft may be relying on for the Xbox Series X.

It was in July of this year that we got the official word of Fable being rebooted. What we received was a trailer and it wasn’t anything that really offered an insight as to what fans could expect. We’re not sure if this game will receive the same overall storyline or if there will be any characters and map locations being brought back. What we do know is that the game is in development under Playground Games. If you’re unfamiliar with the development studio by name, then chances are you will be familiar with the video game series they are responsible for.

Playground Games has been around since 2010 and since its creation, the studio brought out the Forza Horizon series. Now their next big IP release is quite the drastic change-up from racing as they continue to work on the beloved Fable franchise. However, they may not be the only studio working with this IP as VGC reported on a Linkedin profile discovery that may point to another studio offering aid.

Apparently, Bill Giese a senior designer at the Turn 10 studio is working on Fable along with the next mainline Forza video game installment. While nothing has officially been confirmed, it seems that Playground Games is going to have some help on the big RPG project in some capacity with Turn 10, their fellow Forza franchise creators. For now, we’re left waiting on any more official news or trailers to come out regarding the big Fable return.

Source: VGC