Apple & Epic Games Goes Into Legal Battle Today

There’s been a massive influx of battle royale video game titles making their way into the market. It’s an immensely popular video game genre right now and while few make a big impact, those that find a following are constantly seeing newcomers and veterans logging online regularly. However, one of the biggest battle royale video game titles to hit the market is finding itself a bit in a downward spiral. Recently, Epic Games found its Fortnite video game being removed from both Apple iOS and macOS

If you haven’t heard, Epic Games made a big change to Fortnite that didn’t please Apple. Epic Games was looking to bypass the middle man with its in-app purchases. Originally, when someone purchases content in-app, a portion of the money is taken out and given to Apple or Google, depending on the marketplace the app was purchased. Epic Games was looking to offer a more streamlined way for consumers to purchase in-app content for Fortnite which would give the full payment directly to Epic Games rather than seeing a portion sent to Apple.

When Apple discovered this, they quickly removed the app from the marketplace. This prompted a legal lawsuit between the two companies. Apple would like to retain the ability to earn a profit for microtransactions for applications hosted on their digital marketplace. Meanwhile, Epic Games would like to see the application reinstated on the Apple App Store along with macOS. There have been cases made on both sides, but it comes down to a legal decision made by a judge.

While we’ve been covering this lawsuit for a good little while now, the speculation of what will happen will soon come to an end. Both companies are heading into the legal battle today according to a report made by IGN. It will be interesting to see what will happen, but for now, we’ll have to wait until the court hearings are completed.

Source: IGN