Epic Games Offers Refunds For Fortnite MacOS Players

There’s a massive influx every day of new and exciting battle royale video games but there are very few that maintain that excitement very long. The few that do tends to be a massive money-making machine and there’s no shortage of veterans or newcomers jumping in to enjoy the games. One of the largest if not the biggest overall battle royale video game titles available in the market right now is Epic Games Fortnite. It’s a title that you undoubtedly know and likely have already enjoyed. Still, for those that enjoy the game and use the macOS platform to go through Fortnite matches will find that there’s an official date of termination for the title. 

Fortnite: Save The World will be removed from players being able to access the game on September 23, 2020. That’s just a couple days away and it’s not much of a surprise. We’ve all seen the news reports lately for the back-and-forth between Apple and Epic Games. This was something that was planned for about over a month now. However, if you somehow missed out on what’s going on then let’s catch you up.

Epic Games was attempting to remove the need to lose profits on in-app purchases from mobile Fortnite users by offering a direct method to purchase content. Normally, all in-app purchases were split in revenue between the likes of Apple or Google and the creator of the application. By going through a direct means, Epic Games would keep the entire profits and could even offer players a discount to the content they purchased. Unfortunately for Epic Games, the method didn’t last long as both Google and Apple decided to remove the application from their storefronts. 

While this turned into a legal battle, the real contenders ended up being Apple and Epic. Apple went as far as removing the developer tools for Epic which means that their Unreal Engine would no longer be supported. This would be a major blow for the company as now developers that intended to make games for the iOS or macOS platform would be at a loss. This sparked even more legal lawsuits between the companies but while the legal battle wages on, Fortnite players for mobile were left without access to the game. 

Now, this latest update is to alert players that while macOS will no longer be available to support the title, everyone that has purchased the game or in-game content between September 17, 2019, through September 17, 2020, will find that their accounts will receive refunds. Hopefully, this legal battle is settled and we’ll once again get to see Fortnite back on mobile and macOS platforms especially since Fortnite players on iOS are already missing out on events.

Source: Epic Games