Apple iOS Fortnite Players Already Feeling Effects Of Legal Lawsuits

Chances are you already heard but if not Apple and Epic Games have not been getting along. This back and forth is still going on and there doesn’t seem to be any indication as to just when things will return back to normal, if ever. It looks like fans that enjoy Fortnite on Apple iOS will find that the next major Fortnite update is going to be missed and it’s all due to this legal battle between both companies. Let’s catch you up to speed in case you haven’t heard about this conflict already.

A few weeks ago Epic Games started a transition on their Fortnite mobile game for both iOS and Android. This transition essentially allowed players to purchase content directly from Epic Games rather than having to purchase content that would force Epic to split the revenue cost. It was a way to keep more of the profits and as a result, both Apple and Google removed the Fortnite video game on their marketplace. Ultimately, this prompted Epic Games to fire over legal lawsuits to both companies and even made a parody commercial poking fun of Apple’s 1984 commercial. 

Apple wasn’t going to take this lightly and they doubled down in a big way. While refusing to reinstate the Fortnite video game application, they also went a step further and removed developer tools to Epic Games. This would be a big hit as going forward Epic would not be able to support Apple iOS video game development with their highly successful and popular video game engine known as the Unreal Engine. Overall, Epic Games would lose out on money from developers using their engine to develop video games if they had plans to bring the title over onto the Apple iOS platform. 

This ultimately prompted another legal lawsuit to Apple, but there’s not going to be a resolution in time for the Fortnite chapter 2 season 4 update otherwise known as the Nexus War. With this update, players would get a Marvel theme event that would focus on the mighty Marvel hero, Thor. While this event will not hit Apple devices, it will still continue on with other platforms which may be rather upsetting for players that enjoy the game completely through iPhone or iPad. 

Source: Gamesradar