Hades: How To Reach The Epilogue | One For The Ages Achievement Guide

Beating Hades once isn’t enough. Doing battle with the final boss doesn’t end the game — there’s still a whole lot of game left, even after the credits roll and you’ve defeated Hades 10 times. To truly ‘complete’ the story, you need to reach the Epilogue.

And for a long time, the epilogue chapter was shrouded in mystery. Players were unlocking it, but many players didn’t really understand the unlock requirements. Basically, it’s a lot easier than a lot of people think — and I’ll explain what you need to do and what you absolutely do not need to do in the quick guide below.

Don’t worry, reaching the epilogue does not require 100% completion.

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How To Reach The Epilogue

To access the Epilogue, you need to reach the ‘post-game’ section after the credits roll. To do that, you need to defeat Hades 10 times. After the credits roll, you’ll be in the post-game. You’ll gain access to new features, characters, and weapons.

The best part? You can still unlock the Epilogue, even if you’re playing on God Mode.

To access the Epilogue, you need to defeat Hades and then talk to Hades / Persephone to progress their dialogue. After each defeat, their dialogue can progress until Persephone unlocks a new mission. Look for “!” to appear over her head.

  • Basically, you need to defeat Hades over and over again. Make sure to talk to Persephone to progress.
  • Reach Heat 8 (just to be careful) — some players report the epilogue dialogue does not appear until Heat 8.

IMPORTANT NOTE: The epilogue dialogue is RNG based. It won’t always progress after a complete Hades run, so you may have to fight him 30~ times or more.

And that’s really it! You don’t need to reach 100% companionship with all companions, you don’t need to max-out the Gods or gain all their hearts, or collect all the secret artifacts. The Pact of Punishment is not involved or required.

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