Cuphead x Arby’s Collaboration Brings New Kids Meal Toys, Available Starting Today


The developers behind the epic boss battle-centric platformer Cuphead, Studio MDHR, took to Twitter this morning to announce a new collaboration with Arbys.

Starting today, Arby’s will be bringing Cuphead to life through an all-new Cuphead toy line. The newly announced Cuphead toys will come free with the purchase of a Kids Meal. The new line of toys will have users building a papercraft version of some of Cuphead’s most iconic bosses.

Check out the official announcement from Studio MDHR down below:

Check out an official sneak peek at the toys from Arby’s down below:

In related Cuphead news, Studio MDHR has recently brought Cuphead to the PlayStation platform.

For the longest time Cuphead has been missing from the PlayStation, but it seems that they finally made their way over to the console, and now a new batch of gamers can try their luck with Cuphead. The PS4 Cuphead announcement was pretty cool as it was fully made in stop motion. Check out the PS4 Cuphead announcement trailer right here!

Cuphead x Arby’s collaboration has begun, meaning you can go snag a Kids Meal and get your very own Cuphead toy. are you a fan of the epic platformer? Thinking about getting a Kids Meal? Let us know in the comments below!

source: YouTube