Super Mario Maker 2 Is Receiving A Mario 35th Anniversary Ninji Speedrun

After previously getting its start on the last generation Nintendo Wii U and Nintendo 3DS systems, Nintendo was proud to announce a much-desired sequel to Super Mario Maker. This installment brought in a new setup and tools that players will have access to when creating custom Super Mario levels. For those of you who may not own a copy of either installment of Super Mario Maker then at the very least, you have watched some gameplay footage. Both games were incredibly popular as it gave players the tools needed to make their own custom Super Mario levels based around different installments of the franchise. 

Outside of being able to customize how the level plays out with various enemies and obstacles, players could tweak the assets and visuals from the variety of Super Mario video game titles. Now with the sequel out, players are still turning out new complex and fun video game levels. We’ve seen some incredible works from fans and even some insane gameplay footage of players completing a series of tough level layouts. At any rate, there’s another content update inbound for the game that players will want to keep an eye out for.

Nintendo recently held several announcements in regards to the Mario 35th anniversary. With a series of new games and in-game content being added, Super Mario Maker 2 will be featured. Unfortunately, it’s not a big content update so don’t expect any new tools or assets to make use of. Instead, this game update will come in the form of a Ninji Speedrun. We know that the speedrun will be presented in November and that’s it.

We’re uncertain if this update will feature already established levels or a mash-up of popular fan creations. However, being that this is being placed in an effort for fans to enjoy the game with the Mario 35th anniversary celebration, we’re expecting something unique for players. At any rate, those of you who have yet to pick up a copy of Super Mario Maker 2, you can now do so for the Nintendo Switch.

Source: Nintendo