BioWare Will Have Anthem News Next Month

BioWare is a name most gamers are likely familiar with. The development team has been around since the mid-1990s and over the years, the studio has really brought out some incredible video game titles into the market. They have been known to deliver some deep lore and narrative-driven RPGs with the likes of Baldur’s Gate, Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic, Mass Effect, and Dragon Age just to name a few. However, back in 2019, the development studio launched its next big IP release which is an online multiplayer action RPG called Anthem.

Naturally, being a BioWare game there was plenty of anticipation to see this game come out into the market. However, when the title finally became available, fans were greatly disappointed. It didn’t feature enough content or features that fans were hoping to enjoy from a BioWare game. As a result, fans were quickly dropping the title and left BioWare having to scramble rather shortly after its launch to go back and redo the core gameplay along with altering the future of this game. 

It’s been several months now since we really heard anything regarding Anthem. BioWare has been pretty tight-lipped over their current works with the IP, but that may change next month. In a Tweet, the studio director, Christian Dailey, replied to a fan saying that fans could look to September for new details regarding the game update. We’re of course eager to see just how much Anthem changes after this update since we were also in the same boat of finding the game to be lacking. Perhaps, this update can really turn things around for the game.

This rework for Anthem may really bring in newcomers to the title as well. Currently, the game is a current-generation platform release with it being available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, along with the PC platform. Although, we may see a port being released for next-generation platforms as well, especially if the rework ends up doing well enough to warrant players wanting to continue their progress when they make the jump to the next-generation video game console platform of their choice. 

Source: Twitter