DualSense Patent May Automatically Detect Different Users

There is a ton of hype and anticipation building up this year with the upcoming launch of both Microsoft’s and Sony’s next-generation consoles. We’re slowly learning more about these platforms and unique features they would offer that would entice players to make the jump onto the next-gen platform if they are still on the current-generation platform. While this year has certainly been a difficult one to endure especially with this coronavirus health pandemic outbreak which threw a wrench into the company’s plans to showcase the consoles, Sony and Microsoft are still finding ways to showcase their platforms off safely.

However, it wasn’t directly Sony showcasing a potential new feature for the DualSense. Instead, it came in the form of an approved patent that was discovered online. It appears that Sony is looking to bring out the next-generation PlayStation 5 with a feature that would automatically present players with their user accounts. This would be done through the technology implemented in the DualSense controller that would make playing games a bit quicker and navigating through the PlayStation 5 a little more seamless.

The patent suggests that the DualSense would use the different sensors already built within the controller that would allow the console to tell what the user is on the console by how the controller is being held and moved. If the console determines which user is holding the PlayStation 5 controller, it will be able to present players a user account to accept. This would likely take a few tries to really nail down what the user is playing the PlayStation 5, but if it works out, then we could see this feature being pretty impressive.

With that said, patents are created all the time as a means for a company to protect itself over future projects. While this feature could be implemented on the PlayStation 5, there is no telling if this DualSense will have it at launch or ever after the console hits the marketplace. 

Source: IGN