WB Games Start to Tease Next Batman Game; Teaser Website to go Live Tomorrow

WB Games have once again started to promote their upcoming new Batman title, which is still untitled. They have been teasing the game for quite some time now, and with the plenty of rumors circulating around the game, it will be nice to finally see what WB Games Montreal has been working for the past couple of years.

With the DC Fandome coming soon, this weekend, many of us are expecting some big news from the developers. I predict we get a formal introduction to the next Batman title, as well as some tidbits about the story and characters. In an ideal world, we would receive a release window, but that’s a stretch.

Today, WB Games teased the new Batman title with a teaser image stating “We Have Been Expecting You”. To follow up on the ominous picture, they also tweeted out a r3dakted short video that seems to decipher the images we’ve seen as late as last year.

The website is set to go live tomorrow, August 18 at 8:00 a.m. PT / 11:00 a.m. ET; this is where we should expect to learn some more news on the upcoming Batman game.

Check out the teaser tweet down below:

DC FanDome is Warner Bros and DC Comics’ way of bringing pop culture news to their fans in an innovative way due to the coronavirus restrictions. This will be a live-streamed event in where DC Comics will talk about the future of television, movies, comics, and of course — video games. If this is your first time learning about DC FanDome, click here and catch up on all the news!

Stay tuned to gameranx as we will be following the DC FanDome very closely, as there should be plenty of great news popping up across the internet. DC FanDome will take place this Saturday, August 22nd. What are you hoping to see at the live streamed event? Let us know in the comments below!

source: Twitter