DC FanDome Will Introduce New Video Game Titles

The world was turned upside when this health pandemic outbreak started to spread at incredible rates. We’re living in some history textbook times right now as the world fights to find a cure against this virus. It’s left most of us to stay quarantined at home, refraining from socially gathering, and only leaving our homes for emergency essential businesses. This virus also has caused the cancellation of events all around the world. Whether it’s concerts or expos, if you’re were hoping to attend an event like a Comic-Con or PAX, you’re simply out of luck.

With that said, the companies that planned to showcase new content and announcements will still have the ability to do so. Thanks to the internet, we’re all pretty much connected 24/7 and it’s allowed a lot of these companies to do streams online whether it be live or pre-recorded content which is uploaded at a specific date. It’s a different means to enjoy some of these expos but at the very least we’re still receiving some information that had planned to be released live in front of an audience. 

Today we’re finding out that Warner Bros. DC will be holding a digital event known as the DC FanDome this summer. It’s going to bring out content for comic books, films, television series, and video games. We’re sure that these games may have been planned for E3 or perhaps during something like a Comic-Con but this digital event will allow the company to unveil what will be coming out next. After all, there have been several rumors and speculation pieces going up on what Rocksteady Studios is going to bring out next.

Currently, this event is going to run for 24 hours so prepare for a long haul. It’s slated to happen on August 22, 20202, at 10 AM PT. This will be available through a website known as DCFanDome.com which you will get access to the different panels and trailers that will happen. 

Source: VGC