Target US Retailer System Indicates A Xbox One S V2 Console

There’s plenty of eyes on both Microsoft and Sony as the duo has plans to bring out their next-generation video game consoles into the market this holiday season. For those of you who are interested in making an upgrade to the next-generation platform, you may not be keeping any tabs on the latest models for current-generation platforms. However, one individual managed to come across a new model of the Xbox One slated to release on Target in the near future. 

Microsoft is gearing towards the next-generation platform which is the Xbox Series X. There’s already a ton of anticipation on the console platform, however, it looks like Microsoft is also ensuring players can have the ability to pick up an Xbox One still. An individual that works at the Target US retailer, noticed an update within the inventory system. This device allows employees to know if there is any available stock of a particular item in-store or nearby indicated a particular model for the Xbox One S.

This model number that came up showcases an Xbox One S 1 TB V2. There’s been no announcement yet on a refresh system coming out for the Xbox One lineup. In fact, most of the talk regarding this current-generation Xbox One has been aimed at the Xbox One and Xbox One X models being discontinued. With that said, there is still the ability to purchase an Xbox One S, a smaller compact Xbox One platform for those that are not interested in purchasing the upcoming Xbox Series X.

However, version 2 has plenty of people talking online. While we’re waiting to see just what this model offers, there are some suggesting it’s a means to provide an upgraded Xbox controller. For now, it’s anyone’s guess as to what this model may offer. 

Source: Twitter