Is Sony Hiring For Second Generation PSVR?

VR really took off this generation of video game console platforms. What started off as a battle to get VR running not only well but consumer-friendly with the PC platform had transferred over to the PlayStation VR. Microsoft and Nintendo may not have dived into the VR headsets this generation, but Sony is going to keep this platform alive and well with the upcoming PlayStation 5 confirmed to support the peripheral. In fact, we’re finding out now that Sony may have opted to make the second generation of the PSVR.

The PlayStation VR headset may have come out on the PlayStation 4, but it looks like the hardware will continue to thrive on the PlayStation 5. That may change down the road as in five years’ time we may see the announcement of the PlayStation VR 2. In fact, this could be a device more focused around the following generation of video game console platforms, but a job listing was discovered that was put out by Sony. It would appear that Sony is seeking to make some advancements in the VR realm.

There’s no confirmation that this is the next-generation PlayStation VR headset, but the VR listing does come with a statement indicating that this is something that would come out in the next five years. That could always change, but it’s exciting news to those that enjoy VR and would like to see just what Sony can do to further enhance the experience for the consumers. 

At any rate, the PlayStation VR headset that is available today on the PlayStation 4 is still a great piece of hardware that can be enjoyed on the PlayStation 4 right now. Also, as mentioned, keep the headset as you’ll find that Sony is going to support it on the PlayStation 5 which may allow developers to really make some interesting projects with the new power of the PlayStation 5 hardware running these next-generation video games.

Source: IGN