Obsidian Entertainment Has Another Project In Development Yet To Be Unveiled

Obsidian Entertainment is a pretty well-known video game development studio. These are the folks that brought out countless iconic RPGs over the years with a strong narrative focus. While the studio has been pumping out several video game titles in the past, there was likely some surprise to see just how many projects are being developed at the moment. It turns out that another unannounced project is being developed according to the design director. 

If you’re unfamiliar with Obsidian Entertainment then you might know them best right now with their latest release, The Outer Worlds. Released back in 2019, the studio soon was acquired by Microsoft and it’s pumping out some new great video game titles that we can’t wait to play but now under the Xbox umbrella. It’s also a studio that’s ready to bring out plenty of video game content. For those of you who thought we were done with The Outer Worlds, Obsidian Entertainment proved that wasn’t the case last month with the announcement of two storyline DLC expansions. 

This first DLC, The Peril of Gorgon, is slated to hit the marketplace this September. Meanwhile, the studio also has another unique game called Grounded. It’s a title where players are shrunk down to the size of an ant and from there must battle different insects. However, digging deeper, there seems to be something a bit more sinister for players to uncover. But that’s not all, it was revealed last month as well that Obsidian Entertainment is ready to bring out their next big RPG and that’s Avowed. It’s in development and outside of a small cinematic teaser, nothing is really known about the game at the current moment.

However, it still doesn’t stop there. In a recent tweet from Josh Sawyer, he explains that as a studio design director he gets to play with different games and test out new features. When asked if he would be working on a project of his own, Josh confirmed that he’s already working on the game and that it’s now Avowed which means something else in the works for Obsidian Entertainment. Unfortunately, that’s all way know and there’s no telling just when the game will be ready to be revealed.

Source: Twitter