Ninja Makes A Sudden Reappearance On Twitch

There’s a lot of love and dedication put into the streaming industry. From video games, music to IRL streams, creators put hard work into their craft while viewers tune in to enjoy the show. Communities are also formed and when a streamer jumps ship from one platform to another, there’s a good chance that their communities will follow along. As a result, when the streaming wars kicked off not that long ago, there were likely some chaotic contracts being drafted up in the background to score some of the viewers that would tag along with the streamer.

It seemed like when Tyler Blevins, better known as Ninja online, decided to leave Twitch, there were plenty of others that followed after. Ninja announced on his personal Twitter account to unveil that he was stepping down from his Twitch streaming platform to instead sign a contract exclusive deal with Microsoft’s Mixer platform. We know that this contract was worth tens of millions of dollars and that some of the reasons Ninja left were due to the restrictions he was placed with his brand growth on Twitch.

As a result, the jump to Mixer was likely an easy choice for the worldwide popular streamer. Soon after other big-name streamers were getting new contracts from different streaming platforms. While we’re not sure just how things were going for Mixer behind the scenes, it was apparently not performing well enough to keep the service going. As a result, Microsoft shutdown Mixer and bought out Ninja’s contract. Once again, Ninja was a free agent and there were plenty of us wondering where he was going to land. It looked like he was going to be a YouTube Gaming streamer for a short while but randomly the streamer made an appearance on Twitch again.

This was for a stream with a fellow Twitch streamer that goes by the name Dr Lupo. So far it doesn’t look like Ninja has signed any exclusive deals and we’re not sure if he will at this point. The online personality managed to make quite the hefty payday from Mixer which could allow him a bit more freedom to do what he wants when it comes to his streaming career.

Source: IGN