Microsoft Confirms Xbox Live Is Not Going Anywhere

There is quite a bit of excitement this year as we moved into 2020 we knew that both Sony and Microsoft had plans to bring out their next-generation video game console platforms. For instance, Microsoft unveiled the Xbox Series X, there next big console release that would offer gamers a chance to own the most powerful console made to date. These announcements for far with the Xbox Series X doesn’t offer much in terms of the UI or any new features that players can take advantage of with this console in particular. 

While a lot of us are waiting to see what new features or services will be rolling out for the Xbox Series X, there are others quickly offering their speculations and rumors. One of which deals with the Xbox Live service. This service essentially offers players the ability to play online multiplayer on their Xbox One. It’s a service that requires a monthly to a yearly fee, but recently there has been a change into the market.

If you haven’t heard, Microsoft started to remove the ability to purchase a full year subscription of the Xbox Live service from their official storefront. Then we found out that there was a change in the Microsoft Services Agreement which changes the Xbox Live name to Xbox online service. This has left some to speculate that Microsoft would be removing the need for Xbox Live and that players could enjoy multiplayer games online for free. That’s not going to be the case however as a representative goes in touch with The Verge over the matter. 

According to the rep, Microsoft simply updated the language to distinguish underlying online services along with the paid Xbox Live Gold subscription. As a result, there are no plans or announcements regarding the end or change to Xbox Live Gold. 

In fact, the more probable chance we could see is the push for players to purchase Xbox Game Pass Ultimate. This subscription service not only gives players Xbox Live but also bundled with Xbox Game Pass. Furthermore, it’s been unveiled that Project xCloud would soon be featured on the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate. As a result, we could see Microsoft start to offer this subscription service as the go-to purchase from Microsoft.

Source: The Verge