Streaming Services Are Throwing Millions To Obtain Select Streamers

When it comes to streaming, there is a ton of channels available to watch content on. With different personalities jumping in and crafting up their own audience as they play video games, chat or provide some type of entertainment, there is a strive to climb their way to the top. For most of us top streamer in the world is Tyler Blevins, better known as Ninja. With millions of followers, Ninja grew a brand that easily associated with Twitch.

Unfortunately for Twitch, Tyler dipped out of the service when he was able to make a deal with Microsoft’s Mixer, a competitive streaming service. With the ability to further grow his brand, we’re finding out today that another incentive to bring the streamer over was a check of about $30 million. That is a massive amount of money and its certainly not unique as several other big-name streamers are being drafted over to other services.

In a report made by CNN, it appears that seeing a big check is not that uncommon for streamers. At this moment, if you’re able to bring in 10,000 concurrent views, you may find a deal being offered for $10 million whether it be from Twitch, Mixer, YouTube Gaming, etc. It’s something that seems to be really taken off right now as well.

Ninja may have made the first big splash when he transitioned away from Twitch to Mixer, but we have seen several personalities start to move away from Twitch with unique contract deals that may help sway not only the big channel names but also the followers they could bring with them.

With big names being spaced out between various streaming services, it could help bring out some smaller channels into the limelight as starting out streaming can certainly become a struggle. Of course, with big names being moved around to other platforms, it does pose the question as to what may happen to each platform when they large numbers over a contract deal. Twitch for instance didn’t hit their intended goals for 2019 and with the likes of Ninja among other big-name streamers moving away, could we see the platform take a larger hit this year?

Source: CNN