Twitch Falls Massively Short In Its Ad Revenue Projects Of 2019

Twitch is the biggest live stream service available. Anyone can jump on and start streaming content for viewers to enjoy. It’s also a great way for personalities to build up a community of their own while making some funds to keep their show afloat. However, for Twitch itself, last year’s ad revenue projections have fallen incredibly short. It’s not something that streamers or viewers should be concerned with too much as even though it fell from its projected growths, it did ultimately grow from the previous year and it’s owned by Amazon.

While Twitch is likely not going anywhere anytime soon, the goal for the company was to reach over $600 million which it failed to do so. Instead, the company has only managed to bring in $300 million so that is quite a significant flop for Twitch. Losing out on what they believed was several hundred million dollars more in revenue is quite the hit but there is another major hurdle that the streaming service will have to take on.

Mixer is a competing streaming platform and its catered to quite a few big-name streamers that have since left Twitch. One of those happened to be Ninja, a worldwide famed streamer that took his leave from Twitch last year to begin streaming exclusively on Mixer. With more popular streamers leaving, its loss in projected ad revenue and likely a scramble to keep other streamers attached to the service, this year will likely see some changes made to how the service is handled.

Source: The Information