Ninja Leaves Twitch To Become Mixer Exclusive Streamer

Twitch is easily the biggest gaming livestream service where gamers can jump online and showcase their gameplay to a wide audience. The best part about Twitch is that you can cater to an audience and grow it to a community. One of the biggest streamers, however, is making its way off the Twitch platform in a surprise announcement. You likely have heard of Ninja, a streamer that is mostly known for playing the Fortnite video game. This streamer gained a massive following and it’s taken him to incredible places and ventures thanks to the streaming service, but he’s calling it quits at least from Twitch in favor for Microsoft’s streaming service.

Mixer is another up and coming streaming platform that offers essentially the same set of tools that Twitch provides. Owned by Microsoft, Mixer is trying to compete with Twitch and this likely deal between the service and Ninja may hurt Twitch. Ninja announced through Twitter in a mock video press conference where he revealed his stream would continue on with Mixer which you can view through this link here.

It’s not known just yet what caused the switch, but we’re wondering how easy of a transition it’ll be for his followers. Twitch has also been known for a few controversies lately from either not taking actions against particular streamers after breaking terms of service to hitting smaller streamers for minor incidents. We’re curious as to if other streamers will follow suit and make the jump to Mixer or if Twitch will attempt to strike deals to keep certain streams from leaving.

Source: Twitter, Gamerant