Twitch Loses Another Big Streamer But This Time From YouTube

When it comes to livestreaming, there is not too much you need to get started. As a result, countless channels and communities are being built up daily. However, the real problem for new streamers is just which platform should they jump on. There are a few different options available but for the most part, it would seem that Twitch is the clear cut choice to go with. After having a massive library of channels constantly running and more than a few big names attached daily, it’s not surprising to see other companies trying to cut their slice into the streaming market. 

Twitch has been the main go-top streaming platform for a good while now. However, it’s not the only service available and most recently, there have been some big changes. Ninja, one of the biggest, if not the biggest streamer ever, was recently acquired on the Mixer platform after the streamer signed a partnership deal. This didn’t stop as Twitch also lost another big streamer known as Shroud to the same livestreaming service. Now another big streamer was dropped from the platform in favor of an exclusive deal.

Today we’re finding out that Twitch also lost Jack Dunlop, better known as CouRage. However, it seems that this exclusive deal didn’t come from Mixer but instead YouTube. Google may have made a play to secure the streamer on their service, though we, of course, don’t know the fine details quite yet. It does have plenty of fans wondering if more streamers will end up leaving Twitch in favor of an alternative service much like the big-name streamers have already done.

Source: Polygon