Microsoft Is Shutting Down The Mixer Streaming Platform

It really wasn’t long ago now that there were the big streaming wars going on. With the likes of YouTube, Mixer, and Twitch competing with each other by offering streamers massive contract exclusive deals to bring their audience and live streams to their platforms. There were all sorts of contracts being written up and offered which we’ve seen plenty of high profile streamers announce their departure from Twitch and move to a new service such as one of the biggest streamers ever, Tyler Blevins, otherwise known as Ninja.

Tyler made the announcement of moving away from Twitch and streaming with Microsoft’s Mixer platform. It was such a big move that it allowed Tyler to bring over his audience, continue streaming, and more importantly, continue to grow his brand which was apparently limiting to the contract deals being offered on Twitch. Still, this contract deal is coming to an end as Microsoft has decided to end the Mixer service and bring all of the users from the service onto the official Facebook Gaming platform.

This is not mandatory for those that have signed contract deals either. As it appears that those who wish to continue their streams on Facebook Gaming are free to do so, otherwise they can return back to their original platforms or even find a new platform to start their streaming venture once again. It’s quite a big announcement from Mixer and we’re sure that there are going to be some big movements going on in the next few days as we see who from Mixer with a large audience is going to result back to their original platform choice.

As for the viewers that have outstanding ember balances and subscriptions, they will be given Xbox gift card credit. For now, it looks like Twitch may see another influx of viewers and can once again start drafting up contract deals.

Source: Xbox Wire