Legendary Gators Are Thrown Into Red Dead Online

Red Dead Redemption 2 is the latest big title release from Rockstar Games and it was a title that really hit some massive numbers for fans. It’s not only another entry to the beloved Red Dead Redemption franchise but a prequel that gives players another unique look at the life of John Marston, only this time through a new protagonist’s eyes, Arthur Morgan. It’s no secret that fans thoroughly enjoyed this game narrative from start to finish, however, the same can’t really be said for its online component.

Rockstar Games delivered Grand Theft Auto V years ago and it also received an online component known as Grand Theft Auto Online. This multiplayer game mode was so popular and lucrative that Rockstar Games simply kept adding more content for fans to enjoy. It’s really allowed the game to live on years after and now spans across two generations of consoles with the third coming up for the PlayStation 5. At any rate, fans were not too pleased to see Grand Theft Auto Online receiving nonstop updates while Red Dead Online was sitting pretty barren.

Fans started to chime in online and even protested in-game for more content to be added in. As a result, a major update finally came out called The Naturalist which gave more missions and content catered towards wildlife of Red Dead Online. It might be content that is a little more niche to the fans playing Red Dead Online, but it’s content nonetheless. Now two additional pieces have been added to the game and they are in the form of two legendary gators that players can hunt down. The gators are The Teca and Sun Gator. 

Just with any legendary animal, they are tough to find and hard to capture or take out. In this case, we know that The Teca can be found in the Kamassa River at night during a storm. Meanwhile, the Sun Gator is found in foggy mornings at the Lannahechee River. Depending on what NPC you seek out to settle the legendary animals, you may find yourself rewarded differently. Of course, we won’t spoil anything regarding these two legendary animal rewards here. 

There is likely plenty more content coming out for Red Dead Online after fans pleaded to Rockstar Games to bring out more updates to the game. What we are likely also going to see in Red Dead Redemption 2 make the jump on next-generation platforms as well since Grand Theft Auto V will be moving to next-gen. Of course, that’s speculative on our part as there is no confirmation yet when it comes to the future of Red Dead Redemption 2

Source: Rockstar Games