Call of Duty 2020 Is In A Playable State

Several massive franchises tend to get a new installment each and every year. For instance, we know that Call of Duty is one franchise that not only does well in terms of sales but also finds a new game released into the mix on an annual basis. While we get a new game every year, we’re not entirely sure just what is in store officially for the next iteration coming out before 2021 hits. Now Activision has confirmed that this mystery title is being tested internally.

2019 we received a Call of Duty: Modern Warfare reboot. We’ve thought the game was rather fun and it even sparked a battle royale game mode called Call of Duty Warzone that’s free-to-play. Infinity Ward even went on to say that this game mode will be supported well past 2020 and that we could see the game take evolutions depending on the latest Call of Duty game being released into the market. Well, we can’t really say for sure what this Call of Duty Warzone evolution will be with Call of Duty 2020 as there’s no real information yet on what the game will be about.

The news may be scarce, but in a recent call with investors, Activision confirmed that Call of Duty is being developed with Treyarch and Raven Software. The two teams have a playable state available internally for both the campaign and online game modes. From there it’s being tested internally, but we should soon hear about the game publicly. Now there wasn’t a date given on how soon we will see the game but knowing that there is a playable state and developers are testing the game does suggest we may get our first real big information drop in terms of what the game is about.

In the past, we’ve seen several rumors and supposed leaks suggest that this next Call of Duty title will be set in the Black Ops franchise and that we will see the game take place during the Cold War. That’s of course just rumors as there’s been no official confirmation on anything regarding Call of Duty 2020. While we wait for this new game announcement, what are some elements you hope to see with the next installment?

Source: IGN