Supposed Leaked Doritos Marketing Material Leaks Call of Duty 2020 Title

Call of Duty is a massive video game franchise and we know that this year we will have a brand new installment to enjoy. That’s all we officially know about the game, but that hasn’t stopped several leaks, speculation pieces, and rumors flood the internet on just what this next installment will be about. There have been several rumors that point this game being apart of the Black Ops sub-series, and if this is the case, we may now know the official era that the game will be based within. According to a new leak, it would appear that we’re going to be diving into the Cold War era.

The supposedly leaked marketing image for Doritos may have revealed a new partnership with Activision. This marketing material showcases a game titled Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War which also suggests that this game will be available for double experience unlock within the first week of October so we may see the game hit the marketplace in the fall. Of course, that’s purely speculative at the moment as we’re not sure how legitimate these images are at the moment. 

At any rate, there’s been plenty of rumors that back up this era as well from the past so we may see a new dated period of gaming for the Black Ops franchise. If you recall, the last installment was even tossed into a futuristic setting and it didn’t even have a standard campaign mode attached with the title being more catered towards an online multiplayer game.

With Call of Duty: Warzone being such a hit, we imagine that this game may play a role in the announcement or hints of the upcoming game leading up to its reveal. We’re also interested in seeing what console platforms the game will be available for such as if there are any differences between the current-generation platforms and the potential next-generation platforms if the game happens to be cross-generational. 

Source: VGC